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Boat Quay – Dining in scenic splendour

Among the most visited venues In Singapore because of its entertainment and dining choices, Boat Quay is now a mainstay for expatriates, locals and travelers. Over a century ago Boat Quay was a hotspot of trading by 1860 three quarters of trade came in through this interface and with its access. It was which Singapore established itself in a global context as an interface. Prominence was lost by the interface with the development of transportation technology that was superior both through air and sea.

An interesting point is that The area across the South Bank is shaped like a carp (a form of fish) that is a Chinese symbol of good fortune. To capitalize this portion of Boat Quay was packed. It is these shop houses which were converted into what’s the strong point of Boat Quay restaurants, bars and pubs. Chinese and Indian cuisine that provides a lot of variety is mainly served by the restaurants in Boat Quay. Cuisine from different nations may be found here.

Boat Quay is pleasing Visually during the night once the area is lit up giving it a much more appealing look, but it is best seen through the day. A favorite pastime in this destination would be to watch the many ships and junkers glide through the harbour whilst enjoying a drink or a meal that makes for a relaxing and soothing experience. Travelers will be faced during their travel that appeal to different needs with a host of Singapore resorts and seeking in advance is recommended.

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Singapore Boat Quay


Singapore Boat Quay The part of the Singapore River’s bank, is. The structures are preserved Even though Boat Quay plays any role in the trade. By way of restaurants and bars, this place provides plentiful of amusement facilities at the moment.

What is the history of singapore boat quay?

Though you may get turned away When we talk about history but you cannot deny the fact that understanding the past of a place helps us to understand it better and understand how the area has evolved into what it is now. Since the Singapore River, 1819 Was a place which stayed abuzz. The southern bank of the river where the majority of these actions happened was (and still is) known as Boat Quay.

Throughout the boat quay restaurants which was in character was rebuilt with a hill’s ground where the Commercial Square that was then was located. The place in these days was occupied by dealers from the neighborhood. This place is to Raffles Place. As designated by Sir Stamford The founder of Singapore, Singapore Boat Quay’s building was completed in 1842. Mostly traders and laborers in numbers made this place their residence. Boat Quay thrived at a quick pace. In which the traders from Europe had their offices the volume of trade that happened at the Singapore Boat Quay surpassed that of the bank.