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Geylang durian stall Everything You Should Know

Geylang durian stall¬†area is the most famous among Singapore’s durian stalls. Because this is where the most durian stalls are, earning it the moniker durian street. There are numerous warnings on Singaporean forums regarding buying durian in Geylang.

Durian merchants are frequently accused of deceiving unsuspecting clients by failing to disclose the price, selling old or defective durians, switching durians, or passing off an inferior variety as a good one. But this place has a vast hype where people go to buy durian.

Fresh durian fruit is imported from Southeast Asia and processed in chemical-free plantations regularly. However, they sell it by the fruit due to the limited supply, so each package contains one durian fruit.

The king of fruits, durian, can only be found in Southeast Asia. Durians have yin-yang properties; their harsh thorns might deter animals, while their delectable flesh is high in vitamins and minerals.

Why does durian have such a foul odor?

Science has figured out why durian smells so terrible. As the durian ripens, it releases a chemical component called ethanethiol, which gets stronger and stronger.

There’s something about the smell of a durian that makes people want to avoid it. It’s so awful that you can’t take a durian on public transportation or stay at a hotel in Singapore.

It’s not only the stench, as seen by the different stinking notes. It has to do with the intensity of the odor. It made it inside the pilot’s cabin if you are on a plane.