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Prepaid gift cards: new phenomena

 In present-day and age, social expectations have become a part and parcel of lifestyle and living up to the social expectations has made its way in one’s priorities. One such social expectation involves giving and receiving gifts. While the options of gifting lay wide around us to choose from, one is always skeptical as to whether the receiver would be happy receiving what he or she has been gifted.  This is where Prepaid Gift Cards come into play. Such cards provide the giver a sigh of relief as it spares him or her from inhibitions of whether the other approves of the gift or not and the receiver gets the benefit of buying what one opts for as per one’s need.

Prepaid Gift Cards

The prepaid gift card is a pre-loaded card. Hence the user of the card to whom the card has been gifted can use the card only up to the limit of the card, which is the amount loaded into the card at the time of purchase of the card.  Prepaid Gift card is only spending cards which mean that unlike debit cards, no money can be withdrawn with it.

Such cards are of two kinds; reloadable and non-reloadable cards.

  • A non-reloadable prepaid gift card is issued by stores and does not have the recipients or the cardholder’s name on it. It has 16 digit card numbers on it and has CVV number at its back for security purposes. This card can be used for online purchases from the respective store’s website or at the stores itself. Most of the prepaid gift cards are non-reloadable. These cards are also given by companies and retail outlets as incentives to their workers. These cards get activated at the time of purchase. These cards don’t have a fee to be paid for.
  • Certain big stores have a reloadable prepaid gift card which can reload only at the store by the retailer. The re-loadable prepaid gift cards are also called Cash cards and they can be used anywhere. They’re sponsored by companies like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. These cards are like prepaid cards that work as a combination of a credit card and account linked card. These cards have the name of the recipient on it, the 16 digit card numbers and CVV as the security code. These cards get activated by accessing the provided URL and inputting the correct activation There is a certain fee attached to this card. These cards can be used at all those places where the debit cards of the respective sponsors work.

Every time one swipes these cards the respective amount gets deducted from the balance which could be checked at the retailer’s website by feeding in the required information.

Also, prepaid gift cards can be used to get fast cash by reviewing the cashback offer, accepting the offer and returning the gift card to the gift exchange kiosks. Prepaid Gift Cards can be used until the amount loaded on the card gets exhausted.